About us

ZHANGJIAGANG CITY HIGH-TECH INTL CO., LTD. is a company integrates manufacturing and trade. We are specialized in manufacturing Garden shears, cooperate by OEM and ODM with customers home and abroad. In addition, we also export Hand Tools, Power Tools, Construction Tools and Safety Tools to enrich market diverse need.
PRECUT Shears are designed for Agriculture care and Home Garden care, and mainly featured by Drop-Forged crafts. They suit the needs of different end-users in their respective applications and have comfortable handles made of different materials providing strength reduces fatigue and discomfort in use.

Pruning Shears have many choices because hand sizes vary and we recognize the need for maximum comfort whether user’s hands are small or large, the ergonomic design offers premium cutting performance.

Loppers are designed with various cutting heads allows fast, precise cutting action. The oval steel handles are the most common – they allow use of maximum power by tough shrubs. The strengthened aluminum handles are very sturdy, reducing arm strain and allowing longer trimming sessions. Traditional strong hardwood handles give the vintage look, but of solid grips, especially in cold weather.

Hedge Shears feature two types of blades, Narrow blades with smooth edges are designed especially for trimming leaves and soft shoots. Wavy blades with smooth edges are perfect for pruning edges and shrubs and soft shoots, the waves trap groups of twigs and keep them from sliding out.

PRECUT Garden Tools are of various kinds, our factory is keeping research and develops new models every year, and we pursue premium quality to service all customers, welcome to contact us!